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Vintage Spa Gift Set


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The perfect gift for any occasion, Vintage Spa Gift Set includes Three (16 fl oz each) of your favorite TOA Waters premium bubble baths.

Inside your Vintage Spa Gift Set:

  • Three TOA Waters premium bubble bath bottles – 16 fl oz each
  • Natural loofah sponge
  • Vintage wooden trunk with dark brown faux leather straps and handle

All of our bubble baths are made with the finest ingredients – enriched with whole milk, B-vitamins, calcium, and much more. Time to nourish and cleanse your skin, right down to its deepest layers.

Gift Set includes 4 items:

One After Midnight | 16 fl oz

Bold. Erotic. Confident. This bubble bath packs a dynamic punch of musk, patchouli, and myrrh. Blended with the clean scents of lime, clementine, & mandarin, and topped off with a pinch of cardamom, coriander, and lavender to keep you wanting more.

One Caribbean Sands | 16 fl oz

Exotic. Tropical. Natural & Refreshing. This bubble bath is a warm, earthy blend of mahogany, cedar, patchouli, and musk. Infused with the tropical sensation of coconut, lime, vanilla, and rum – this bubble bath packs a powerful and unforgettable touch.

One Lockwood Forest | 16 fl oz

Earthy. Modern. Natural. Captivating. This bubble bath infusion hints of sage, citrus & lavender, creating an irresistible escape to mother earth. Touches of oakmoss, amber, vanilla, black tea, and tonka round out this experience for a beautiful, deep aroma sensation.

One of Our Natural Loofah Bath Sponge

Our natural loofah sponges are perfect for any bubble bath. A soft, yet scrubby loofah, is convenient to hold and hangs to dry. Our sponges are completely compostable – zero waste. Our sponges will arrive to you flat. Simply soak in warm water for a few minutes, and your sponge will be hydrated and ready to use! (Image shows wet and dry). Made of 100% Natural Loofah. Each sponge measures approximately 2 inches x 4 inches.

Shipping Note If ordered with a Clear Shower XL the soap and Shower head will be shipped separately. 


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