Mirror Shower Head | Beige Bathroom

Big Mirror Showerhead in beige bathroom
Big waterfall Mirror Showerhead
rain showerhead in beige bathroom
Water beads from Mirror large Showerhead
Mirror showerhead in beige bathroom
Mirror showerhead in beautiful bathroom

About This Project

The Clear Shower XL Mirror Showerhead is great shaving in the shower and applying facial creams in the shower. In this Gallery, you will see how the clear shower XL Mirror style rainfall shower looks in a beige and tan bathroom. The natural light coming in from the windows works well with the mirror rainfall showerhead as it reflects additional light. This creates a very natural calming environment for you and your loved ones to decompress.

Once the clear shower XL shower head is installed it’s hard to image this bathroom without one. The showerhead provides a sense of visual balance for guest. In the video below you will see the Mirror shower head used vertically and horizontally.


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